The concept of the Deep Indigo series is that these jeans have an indigo warp and sulphur dyed weft. What makes them different is the indigo used. The Deep Indigo jeans uses the darkest possible indigo available, which is actually the same indigo used on the Vintage Series denim. This indigo is a pure  indigo which combined with the sulphur dyed weft will create similar wicked electric blue fades.

  • 15.7 oz. Sanforized Momotaro Original Deep Indigo warp x Black weft Selvedge denim
  • 100% Zimbabwe cotton
  • Low Rise, Tight fit
  • 5 button fly, Momotaro embossed buttons
  • Pink Momotaro Selvedge ID
  • Pink Inseam cotton thread
  • Copper Male & Female Rivets with Momotaro Peach branding
  • Sturdy natural cotton pocket bags with Momotaro logo embossed
  • Deer skin leather patch

MJ-0702-4770 MJ-0702-4771 MJ-0702-4772 MJ-0702-4773 MJ-0702-4774MJ-DeepIndigo-4808 MJ-DeepIndigo-4809 MJ-DeepIndigo-4810 MJ-DeepIndigo-4811 MJ-DeepIndigo-4812 MJ-DeepIndigo-4813