Happy 2015!


A Stonemason jean

This weekend I received a set of pictures from Lee Yu after my call for worn Momotaro jeans!

Well, indeed, this is a nicely worn Momotaro, and as the model suggests, I think Lee Yu took this literally and really went to battle with it…



Displayed here is a GTB labelled Momotaro jean, model 1005SP (middle straight). Worn for only 10 months, 2 washes and 2 repair jobs. Lee Yu clearly uses his jeans where it is intended for : hard labor!

Thanks for contributing Lee Yu, and keep us updated!


If you also have a nicely worn or battered Momotaro jean and you want to have it posted on our blog, simply sent a set of images and some text with it to press@japanblue.co.jp.

Momotaro G004-MB @ 400days

As for the last post of this year, we thought showing a nicely broken in & worn Momotaro Jeans.
More, we invite you to show us your worn Momotaro Jeans and have it published on our blog and Facebook page. How to participate? Well, simply email (press@japanblue.co.jp) us some photos of your worn in Momotaro Jeans (front & rear, same as the image below). Provide a little text and credential info. We will have a look at it, and have it published with your credentials.




Momotaro’s Copper Label G004-MB after 400days of wear…and a few washes.
Click the image to see it bigger!

Happy Holidays!


Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia – Milano

2013-06-22 12.05.16
A bunch of cool guys at Crackers Magazine, Antonio Di Battista, Fonderia Napoleonica and Moto Quartiere putted together their own awesome tradeshow “Denim Boulevard” .

All we can tell is that this is was a good one! They have had lots of denim allies and their vintage collection is huge with historical rare items!
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