Momotaro at Wheels & Waves festival, Biarritz, France.

Aw while ago, Luuk and Pim, two bike builders from Amsterdam (NL) got in touch with us to partner up with them as they saw a perfect match regarding what they do and what we do. They call themselves Urbanised Farmers.

The reason they contacted Momotaro Jeans is that they were planning a trip to Biarritz (France) to attend the Wheels and Waves festival in June. 4 friends, 4 bikes, 1 vintage Volkswagen van and a photographer to report our week!

They were looking for brands (and opted for Momotaro as well as Japan Blue Jeans) that like to get some exposure in the custom bike scene by sponsoring our trip.

We thought, why not : we are keen are keen to take this journey with them!

So, after some measurements as well as requirement have been exchanged, we decided to sponsor them our Momotaro ‘Going To Battle’ label jeans and some Japan Blue Jeans.

An awesome photo report by French photographer David Marvier will be made.



Stickers have been printed and will be applied to the VW van.

Stickers applied to the VW van.

Stickers applied to the VW van.


Bikes loaded, VW van loaded...ready for departure.

Bikes loaded, VW van loaded…ready for departure.


Arrived in Biarritz after a 1400km+ trip.

Arrived in Biarritz after a 1400km+ trip.


To be continued…

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