7005sp Update…

These Momotaro 7005sp jeans are amazing! Slowly but surely, they are fading.  After the initial few weeks of wear, the waistband has stretched out perfectly ~1 inch and I can now button these jeans with ease!  For a moment, it was touch and go, but now this pair is turning into my absolute favourite pair of jeans.  I’ve now worn the jeans for about 1 month using the 30 amnesty wears allowed by DWC.   Still no washes or soaks but a few spot cleans especially when my friend’s newborn decided to puke on them.. Luckily they didn’t smell!!


 photo IMG_2153_zpsx2r2lkeb.jpg

 photo IMG_2143_zps5b9bm8hc.jpg

 photo IMG_2122_zpspgjtwmhz.jpg



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